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Architectural design

Architecture shapes our time, character and way of living. We see architecture as a representation of the spirit of a current time and culture that serves both society and individual.

KLOT guides the conceptual idea from early sketches through detailed design to complete set of all technical documentation and project management and contractors and subcontractors coordination involved in developement.


Interior Design

At KLOT, we consider good interior design to be an extension of the users minds. We believe this perspective enables users to occupy and utilize every space with pleasure and comfort.

KLOT creates interior spaces as a complete experience from mood boards, photorealistic 3D renderings, to detailed furniture manufacturing drawings, and complete coordination between all contractors and subcontractors.

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Architectural Visualization

Presenting a design is a challenge of its own and it grows out of the most prominent design intentions.

KLOT creates high-quality photorealistic visualization for interior and exterior as well as informative and engaging diagrams.


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