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We create narrative spaces that tell stories through the finest details carefully designed, complemented by exceptional materials and craftsmanship.





Djordje Zdravkovic

Founder and Head of Design

Djordje Zdravkovic

Founder and Head of Design

Architecture design

Architecture shapes our time, character and way of living. We see architecture as a representation of the spirit of a current time and culture that serves both society and individual.


KLOT provides personalized attention and expert guidance throughout the design and construction process, creating functional and stunning spaces that enhance the environment and nature. Enjoy seamless journey that brings your visions to life.

Interior Design

Interior design is a seamless manifestation of users’ thoughts and preferences. We firmly believe that embracing this perspective allows individuals to inhabit and make the most of each space.


From concept to detailed design, KLOT brings your vision to life with expert space planning, materials, FF&E, and technical design. We create an authentic, unforgettable interiors that reflects unique style and personality.

3D Design

Presenting a good design is a challenge of its own. 3D visualization maximize the potential of any real estate project emphasizing extraordinary elements of exterior or interior design.


KLOT 3D visualization help you make informed design decisions, visualize various design options, and optimize space utilization, whether you’re looking to sell, lease, or develop property.

Find. Form. Feel.


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